CFD Trading Explained

Online CFD Trading is gaining popularity among retail traders Premier Online Trading Guide. has been developed to assist CFD traders. It provides explanations of how to open and close trades, the types of trades available, technical terms, and financing requirements, as well as practical examples of trades. Live4trading is aimed to provide you with all relevant information you require to running and experimenting CFD Trading with top UK CFD brokers that we tested thoroughly. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the nature and types of trades available through CFD brokers, which may vary in detail from other Brokers.
Trading using a CFD demo account is the ideal way to practice and improve your trading skills.
. CFDs traders do not own the underlying asset they speculate on. Essentially a CFD is a contract between the trader and a CFD broker to exchange the difference between the price they open the contract at and the price they close it. CFDs mirror the performance of the underlying asset,
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