Unlike firms elsewhere in the world, Shenzhen companies sense an opportunity to consolidate the fragmented data flows flowing through their stupendously large and complicated factory floors and supply chains by marrying a blockchain data layer with the IOT devices. Conveniently, these applications are also independent of the regulation and scrutiny that can slow down commercial applications.
There are hundreds of exchanges that enable traders to buy and sell BTC in different currencies worldwide, but The Chinese OKCoin currently carries out more daily trade than any of them.

For Shenzhen-based bitcoin enthusiasts, it’s much easier to invest.
We are tirelessly committed to promoting the Bitcoin development and security. Is devoted to the creation of high degree and efficient computing chips, high-density server equipment, and large-scale parallel computing software. The company is tirelessly committed to promoting the Bitcoin networks development and security. In addition to consistently releasing high-performance mining processors and rigs, Is devoted to the production of high quality and efficiency of ASIC processors, high-density server equipment, and large-scale parallel computing software

Many traders in Shenzhen have switched to the drop-shipping model to minimize risks. Their markups are usually a few hundreds of yuan.

The most critical aspect to address for bitcoin in Shenzhen is an unlawful activity. Sadly, it is not known what percentage of bitcoin activity is associated with fraud or other crimes as parties remain unknown by name.
Shenzhen Bitcoin Meetup Shenzhen also has an active and vibrant Bitcoin industry, and we are very happy that their community merges with Hong Kong’s whenever we can.
KAIFA a global leading electronics manufacturing services provider, produced 150,000 bitcoin miners this year for domestic mining companies. On January 14 the company voluntarily disclosed their financial and other information via a statement on the company’s website clarifying that it is not a blockchain company.
TCEHY has partnered with Shenzhen government to use blockchain technology to curtail tax evasion in the city. The Shenzhen National Taxation Bureau and Tencent jointly created the “Intelligent Tax” innovation lab, which will work to develop innovative technology that can streamline taxation processes and use things like cloud computing, the blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data to better manage the taxation process. The two parties have already begun development at the innovation lab, Tencent said, working toward a new form of digital receipts that could better track sales of goods and services in the underground economy of Shenzhen. Read more about this topic!